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February 8th, 2017

Transportation Job Fair
Truck Driver, Aircraft Pilot", Van Driver", Airport Operations Crew Member", Nationwide Driver,
Air Traffic Controllers", Bus Driver", CDL Driver", Cab Driver", Chauffeur", Conductor", Courier",
Delivery Helper", Delivery Drivers", Dispatcher", General Driver", Driver/Sales Representative",
Driver/Sales Workers",
Railroad Conductor", Route Driver", Shuttle Car Operator", Streetcar
Operator", Subway Operator", Taxi Driver", etc.

The Transportation Virtual Job Fair is on February 8th, 2017.
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm. WHERE? :
Online - Virtual Platform
The Transportation Virtual "Access Web Page " will be posted HERE on this page 1 day prior to the Job
Fair. Visitor online pre-registration is required. Please register below and submit your resume.


Free Resume Access. Free Job Postings.

For recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies wishing to register and participate in the
TransporTation Job Fair, please complete the registration form, sign and return it to us by fax or email
so we can reserve your virtual booth and send you the Exhibitor Welcome Kit.
The Exhibitor
Welcome Kit will provide you additional information for your preparation prior and during the Job Fair.

Registration FormExhibitor Registration

First time Exhibitors must complete this Registration Form to attend the Fair

Virtual Guide KitExhibitor Information

Know how to connect and network with job seekers in the Virtual Platform.

Free Job PostingsFree Resume Access

Free online job postings for any organization across Canada


Please note that the list of exhibitors will be posted 1 week prior to the Job Fair.
The List of exhibitors will be updated on daily basis as hiring companies register to attend the job
fair. Always check the list of exhibitor to know the companies that will be attending, their job postings and the city they will be present to avoid any confusion during the Job Fair.


Upon your registration online, your resume will be provided to hundreds employers. If you register online and attend the Job Fair, you will be asked to submit a copy of your resume for registration. That resume will be made available to all recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies that have immediate job openings. Recruiters can contact you for an interview prior to the Job Fair.

Free AdmissionOnline Registration

It's Free to attend the Job Fair but Job Seeker must register online first

Prepare Your VisitJob Fair Checklist

Prepare your resume and be ready
for the Online Job Fair

Information CentreVisitor Virtual Guide

Learn how to connect with employers
in the Virtual Platform

EXHIBITORS : Why attend the Transportation Virtual Job Fair?
  • Manage your transportation recruitment needs on a local, provincial, national and global scale.
  • From your office, network and recruit unlicensed and licensed drivers anytime and anywhere across Canada.
  • Connect with professional job seekers interested in the transportation industries and are willing to travel, relocate and get licensed.
  • Connect to the Virtual Platform with any electronic devices (cell phone, tablets, computer, etc). No more geographical barriers.
  • No need to set up a booth or have employees out of the office to manage your booth. It's all Online. It's all Virtual. We set up everything for you, your booth, job posting, online advertisement and your employees just need to be present online. It's easy.
  • Easy to "attend", Easy to "access", Easy to "connect", candidates who are already employed, but seeking other transportation job opportunities, are more likely to have a look – something they would likely never do for a traditional job fair.

JOB SEEKERS : Why attend the Transportation Virtual Job Fair?

No need to wake up at the crack of dawn, no need to rush and waste gas to get to a crowded Job Fair and wait hours in long lines to speak to companies, recruiters or HR Managers. No need to worry about weather conditions. In fact, really no need to even get out of your pajamas.

  • Meet transportation companies across Canada anytime and any day you are available to connect online.
  • Meet, network, chat and connect with recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies looking for professional job seekers interested in the transportation industries whether on a local, provincial, national and global scale. It's all Online at your own private space.
  • From your home, network with the right company with the profession to your needs. It's very simple, easy and fast.
  • Connect to the Virtual Platform from any electronic devices (cell phone, tablets, computer, etc).
  • No more geographical barriers. Stay in contact with employers after business hours. Get interview. Get selected.
  • Search in advance the company or organization that has the right job according to your skills and working experiences.
  • No need to wait weeks or months to go to a traditional job fair and walk around from booth to booth to wait a long time and find out that the employer doesn't have any opportunities according to your skills, work experiences, education background and language.
  • Already have a job? No worries. Pinpoint your future Employer. Learn the Company Culture. Meet the HR and exchange contact.

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