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Free Resume Access

Looking to hire candidates as soon as possible? Having immediate job openings?
Looking for specific skills and professions?
Target the right audience for your organization
based on your job criteria.
Save time and money. IT'S FREE.

Our Free Resume Database will target specific candidates according to your needs
(ex: Customer Service, Engineers, Sales & Marketing, Drivers, Administrative Assistant, etc.)

To create job opportunities and provide employment awareness, Jobs Canada offers free resumes access to all registered recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies across Canada that have current job openings and are looking for immediate interviews or possibly hiring.

Resume Database :
Our Resume database receive 50 - 100 resumes on daily or weekly basis from active candidates looking for job opportunities.

  • resumes are received everyday online from job seekers looking to attend our Job Fairs (In person or Virtual)
  • resumes are also collected at each of the Job Fair for job seekers that couldn't register online to attend the Job Fair.
  • resumes are sent directly by email to the recruiter or HR Manager "email" on file upon registration and upon request.
  • resumes can be customized per city, province and national according to company hiring needs, candidate work experiences, background education and highlighted qualifications. Resumes are sent in group or individual.
  • resumes can be email to the recruiter on weekly and monthly basis upon request.
Qualification for free resume access :
To be qualified or to receive free resumes access; recruiters, employment agencies, HR Managers and hiring organizations must provide their current job openings when requesting resumes access :

  • the job openings can be promoted on our websites and social medias (upon request by the employer)
  • the job description could be advertised to our partners websites (upon request by employers).
10 to 50 resumes can be emailed to the recruiter on weekly or on monthly basis upon availability of job openings.
The number of resumes sent will depend on the frequencies of job openings from the recruiter or the organization.

Terms and conditions - Free Resume Access :
Under any circumstances, candidate resumes cannot be used :
  • for organization branding purposes
  • for organization solicitation and marketing purposes
  • to build database or to simply store resumes in the database until jobs become available.
  • to communicate "Non Job" related information.
$500 plus additional cost will be automatically invoiced to the organization failure to comply with the above terms and conditions.